Fountain For Your Koi Pond


Having a Koi pond is something many of us dream of. It is a great water feature outside the home that is very relaxing to have. It has a few requirements such as the air pumps, filters, plants and other supplies but most of all, a fountain would help aerate your pond and make it look more attractive too.

The Need For Pond Fountains

Fountains for Koi ponds do not only help beautify your pond. They are also useful in preventing your pond to be overrun by mosquitoes and algae. This in turn helps the fish to have a healthier environment and clearer water so that you can easily see them too. The fountain helps in breaking down any decaying matter present in the water to help make sure that your plants will thrive instead of algae. If you are not careful with the algae, it can take all of the oxygen from your water. In addition, the decaying algae can also cause in the change of your water’s pH. Through the fountains, movement in the water is created, which helps lessen the population of the mosquito. When the water is constantly moving, it will prevent pests and parasites to thrive in it. Remember that these love stagnant water.

Features Of A Koi Pond Fountain

Getting a fountain for your Koi pond is a smart choice especially if you really want your fish and other plants to thrive in it. The fountain is useful in making sure that odour, sludge as well as algae build-up is prevented. It is able to oxygenate the water to prevent the anaerobic bacteria from thriving too. You will soon see that having a fountain in your pond will help it be fresher and have a crystal clear water.

The insects, such as the mosquitoes, breed in stagnant water. Although many people are afraid to have a water feature in their homes because of the mosquitoes, having a water feature that continuously moves will prevent the mosquitoes from breeding there. You always have to check if the water feature in your outdoors has movement to help out with the mosquito problem.

Pond fountains such as the kasco pond fountain have models with various spray nozzles to help you customize the pattern spray. It also helps in making sure that your fountain spray fits the condition it is currently in.

Patterns Of Koi Pond Fountains

There is a wide variety of Koi pond fountains available in the market today and among them are the following:

  • Crown and geyser – This pattern is made of several small geysers coming from a larger geyser. It resembles a crown shape and sprays water in all directions.
  • Geyser – This is a simple pattern that simply shoots water into the air in one direction only.
  • Plume – This fountain is made up of several spouts that shoot up water in a plumage fashion.
  • Volcano – This pattern resembles a volcano that is erupting but instead of lava, it spirts out water.