Keep Moving While Working

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Just because you currently have a desk job, it doesn’t mean that you should be fine with merely sitting down. That’s because you still have to consider moving. When you’d be in motion, you’d be healthier. That’s because you could improve the flow of fluids within your body when you’d move. Even if you’re expected by your boss to accomplish work after hours of working, you should consider taking care of yourself. Take time to attend to your health because you are your own responsibility. When you’re on your seat and in front of your desk, there are so many things that you could do to let your body have movement. You could always stand up from time to time and then utilize objects with the use of your hands and feet. You can even do such things discreetly too. If you wish to know more of the measures that were suggested for moving parts of your body while you work, please continue reading.

Every thirty minutes, you could try getting away from your seat and then standing up. You don’t literally have to go for and even walk. Just a few feet away from where you work, you could try simply standing and then jogging in place. You can even just shake your feet too. What’s important is that you put the different parts of your extremities to use so that they won’t end up pooling too much blood or having sections with stagnation of other types of bodily fluids. To improve your legs, feet and toes, you could also step on an object that you could roll onto the floor. Still, if you’d get the opportunity to get some water from another room or section of your office then you should attempt to do so regularly. You have to understand that walking can truly enhance the condition of your lower extremities. As for your hands, there are some things that you may want to do after every hour during work period.

You should rest and massage your entire hands and fingers to facilitate blood flow and also stimulate the nerves. Likewise, you may want to move parts of your upper extremities for stretching too. To not only keep your arms, hands and fingers healthy but also improve your mood during office hours, you ought to use toys for stress management. Specifically, you could go ahead and get for yourself a fidget spinner that is lightweight, pleasurable to use and also convenient to carry around. Just make sure that you get the type that has edges which are smooth and also free of parts that are loose. To find one that’s worth getting, try to read the whole reviews of fidget management products online. You could also try the typical stress ball because it’s easy to use, not distracting in any way and really helpful in repetitive strain injury prevention.

Standing up and walking or simply moving your legs and feet may help you manage your posterior region and lower extremities but you still have to consider your head and neck. You should focus on the topmost part of your body rather than merely your upper extremities too because you use your head to concentrate and your neck to move your entire skull. When you’re tensed, the muscles of your neck tend to constrict so you may want to massage your nape occasionally to be relaxed. You ought to also apply pressure to your temples and other parts of your head for tension relief so that you would be able to improve your concentration and get things done as and when they should. Try doing head and neck rotations since the said activities don’t take too long but consider massage therapy as well.