Reviewing Water Softeners

quakelord Water Softeners

There are many people that do not like the water in their house to be hard and this is understandable as hard water can not only be irritating to the skin and hair but can also shorten the life of their clothes which become brittle. In order to solve this problem, many of these people buy water softeners for installation in their homes. When they do this, as there are so many water softener systems available today, they will usually compare water softener reviews before deciding which system to buy. There are several brands that make water softening systems but perhaps best known among them is Fleck which has been making them for over 50 years and is one of the leaders in water softening technology. Waterboss though is also a well-established brand and their systems often receive some good reviews as one of their priorities is to avoid unnecessary water wastage. Morton is well known for producing many different types of salt in the US but it is perhaps not so well known that they also produce salt based water softening systems and some of those also get rave reviews. Aquasana is another brand that receives good reviews and this particular brand is considered to be ‘Green’ as one of their priorities for any of their products is the safety of the environment.

Although in order to soften the water, certain contaminants need to be removed but sometimes the natural minerals that can be found in water can be beneficial to health. There are some water softening systems that are able to leave some of these minerals in the water and one of these is the Aquasana Premium Rhino (EQ-1000-AST) system, another is the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler system. Although some systems are effective, they can leave slight traces of salt in the water and one of these systems is the WaterBoss 220. Although some water softening systems can be installed by DIY, there are some that definitely need professional installation and one of those is the Aquasana Premium Rhino (EQ-1000-AST) system. Others, although lightweight, may have cartridges that are too heavy for many people to replace on their own and one of these is the nuvoH2O system. Although some systems can be very expensive, perhaps costing as much as over $2000 dollars, there are some like the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler system which can cost as little as $200.

As you can see from above, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration before you decide exactly which system will be best for your home. For instance as the WaterBoss 220 produces soft water on demand, it may not be suitable for families of more than 4 people but as the Aquasana Premium Rhino (EQ-1000-AST) dual filter system can filter one million gallons of water, it is suitable for whole house water softening, regardless of how many are in the family. This is why it is always best to read reviews before you buy your system.