The GIMPshop As A Worthy Alternative To Photoshop

quakelord GIMPshop

Have you ever tried to use Adobe Photoshop to enhance your picture and make it look good so that others would mistake your image in that picture as someone who is just around her early twenties while in reality, you are already in your late thirties? Well, I guess you did it once or twice and those people who were able to behold your picture on Facebook had surely remarked and asked how you were able to maintain your own younger look throughout the ages. Surely it seemed to them that you are in possession of some magic potions, or maybe, you have discovered the fabled “fountain of youth.” That’s the beauty of using Photoshop. You simply have to make use and avail of Photoshop Free solutions for a photo editing sesssion, and like magic, your image would become young as if defying mother time. How much would you wish that Photoshop could also do that in your real image which you often carry every day in your daily dealing with many people? Yet, it only applies on raster image, and hence, in reality, your image is still the aging image, and like a phoenix, you are about to shed away your youthfulness.

Yet, Photoshop doesn’t come for free when you avail of it. It is very expensive and there are many people who would like to use it, but could not afford to shell out some hard-earned dollars on buying it. Its high price is definitely one of downside of its existence. However, since it has been here for almost several decades since 1988, and has been the standard software when it comes to raster photo editing, it can definitely command its own price. Without competition, it is definitely free to command a high price for downloading it. Yet, with much competition, it would surely be forced to lower down its price.

But photo editors have been waiting in vain for new software to challenge Photoshop. Good enough there is this GIMPshop which is now available for free downloading. Anyone who would like to try his/her hand on photo editing can now readily use this software. With some additional plugins, it can, in some ways, be a good alternative to Photoshop, and we can definitely expect that the word “GIMP” would someday also become an action word just like the way the word “Photoshop” has become a verb.


GIMPshop 2.8 is definitely available for use in most operating systems such as Windows, Solaris, and Mac OS X. GIMPshop is a modification or improvement on GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP. These modifications employed by GIMP are really designed to imitate and replicate how Adobe Photoshop is used. Hence, if you are used to tinkering with the Adobe Photoshop, it would be easy for you to shift to the use of GIMPshop. The developer of GIMPshop, Scott Moscella, originally designed GIMPshop to make it easy for Photoshop users to access and use GIMP. Although GIMP’s developers voiced their resistance against what Moschella had done, yet, for users of Photoshop, what he has done is really a welcome innovation on GIMP.